William's Story

The story of William's trip to India top raise awareness of leprosy as a significant disease globally.


$15.00 NZD

This is not only a story about one teddy bear’s journey to India; it is also the story of a woman of incredible faith, who kept alive a dream that she had nurtured for well over 50 years. It is a story of a very deep faith and a belief that one day she will be able to carry out her dream.
That day has arrived.
It is also an inspirational story of how God uses us in His way, not ours. Although the passion for the leprosy mission has not diminished over the years, the way in which God has used Beverley is so very different to what she ever imagined.
Her mission is to not only raise the awareness of leprosy as a significant disease globally, but also to inspire and encourage children to have a dream, to hang onto that dream no matter what, to keep the faith and believe that one day God will use you in His way to fulfill His plan for you.
William, a bear born out of tragedy has the power to influence and inspire another generation to keep the faith.