What an Adventure!

Considering the remarkable career of Marlborough mariner, adventurer and entrepreneur, Ronald Oscar Perano, one cannot but be curious as to his early life and the influences that moulded him.


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This account of his family whaling history, his early life at the Wairau Boulder Bank and his subsequent business and adventuring career are told in his own personal style.
As a child Ron and his siblings rowed from the Boulder Bank then walked a long distance to attend Dillon’s Point School which he left in 1948.
His subsequent education was that of learning the skills of seamanship and whaling at Tory Channel followed by working as a shearer and later as an entrepreneur running his own business.
His marine experiences led him to build the vessel ‘Giovanni’ which was used for servicing mussel farms and captained  three heroic circumnavigations of the South Island of New Zealand.
The building of the whaler “Swiftsure” and its subsequent participation in the pageant marking the Queen’s Jubilee was a remarkable achievement.
His career is truly remarkable on a number of levels and those who know Ron will be surprised at his diverse skills. 
Those who are not familiar with him will have an introduction to a career of a man not afraid to push boundaries and who has achieved a great deal in challenging circumstances.