The Time Of My Life

The Time Of My Life by Eric Percy


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This is a story of an extraordinary life about struggle that my wife and family endured.
About unemployment, setting goals for self improvement and achieving those goals.   
Changing careers mid life - not once but four times.
About health issues which my wife Annette and three surviving children Laurene, Allanah and Bruce had the traumatic moments to endure.   A heart attack in February 1998 followed by open heart surgery and triple by-pass in January 1999.    A further heart attack in December 2007 included Christmas in Wairau Hospital followed by stent emplacement a week later (which only lasted three years).
Then an unknown virus which attacked me in 2018 and eventually led to my placement in Redwood Care Village.  I have defeated that too.   Yes, I am a survivor.
After a period of unemployment I soon learnt to change my attitude.  I realised that if one applied oneself correctly, you can achieve much in life.
In writing this book, if I can inspire just one person to achieve a better life, then this exercise has been worthwhile.   Never say “you can’t do it” - say “yes I can”, apply, commit and you are capable of achievement.
There’s an old saying  - “The opportunity of a lifetime lasts the lifetime of the opportunity”.