The Darling of the Crowds - Ben's Story

A novel based on a true story about a champion racehorse and the man who believed in the horse.


$30.00 NZD

Ben Fletcher had an uncanny ability to handle horses. In modern terms he would be called "a horse whisperer".
This is Ben's story, set in Australia during the last half of the 19th century through to 1925.
His overland journey on horseback from the Snowy River to west of Melbourne was fraught with many challenges.
Eventually finding work at a Melton stud farm he was placed in charge of horse breeding, foaling and the breaking-in of yearlings. He assisted hundreds of mares, producing hundreds of foals until one day an exceptional foal was born.
Ben, now an older man, developed a close bond with this highly intelligent colt and soon discovered this horse could run faster than any other thoroughbred he had seen.
A champion was born and became the greatest racehorse of his time, dubbed by Sydney newsmen as "The Darling of the Crowds".
This book, which has a very poignant conclusion, is based on a true story.