That Poor Bugger and Other Short Stories

A collection of stories, thoughts, experiences and observations over 50 years during sea service with the Royal New Zealand Navy and being a commercial vegetable food producer on the Wairau Plain.


$30.00 NZD

I am old. As one of my ancient forebears might have said - “Come next muck-spreading time, I will be four score.”
Soon what I know, my personal know, will be gone. What I can do must be done by others. But what I can leave is a choice.
The things I have heard and seen and done can be recorded. They are then available and a selection can be made. Ignore or consult. Give the experience a value or forget and pay the cost of relearning.
I found it satisfying, even therapeutic to lessen the time, stress and care of growing old, by writing about what I saw or heard or understood. Then came the problem of not knowing what to do with the many pieces of paper accumulated in a cupboard.
It could be useful when deciding a way into the future to understand where the present started and how the previous got through to the now.
So now seems to be the right time to bring them out and offer them to others to take from them what they will.