That Amazing Week

A delightfully written book of short Easter Stories for the whole family.


$25.00 NZD

Rosemary Francis (previously Chen) is a prolific author, poet and journalist with a heart for sharing her Christian faith.
Shania Chen is Rosemary’s grand daughter, who has just graduated from High School, The Bible College of Wales.  Shania is the main illustrator of That Amazing Week.  She brings a youthful perspective to well-known and proven historic events, which she views with fresh eyes.
That Amazing Week was written for radio and recorded by Christian Recording Centre, Christchurch.  It has been played over many radio stations in the days of Holy Week, leading up to Easter.
All sales of this book and CD are pledged to support the work of Church Mission Society in Uganda, where their cousins Tessa & Nick Laing are sharing God’s love.