Sid's Story

A collection of stories from Sid Mead's diaries.


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“Gus – Did I tell you about “Benwevis” the Meads’ sheep station at Lake Hawea, drowned in 1958 when it was damned at the outlet to provide water storage for Roxborough Hydro?” “Yes Sid you did indeed” and so he went on talking about it just the same, as he did about the Howard, The Branch, The Leatham, The Wilkin and the rest.

However his friends were so many and varied that, when they continued to say “Write it down Sid. Write it down”, one wondered if he wasn’t such and old bore after all. Actually over the years he had said “I’m going to write a book some day” and in his teens prepared by making a wooden box to fit and protect his Brownie camera and photographing Marlborough and Otago back country.