Nightfall In The Wind

The Life and Times of Captain Charles Leopold Diamanti, 1818 - 1907


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The Life and Times of Captain Charles Leopold Diamanti, 1818 - 1907

Sailor, Whaler, Colonist, Gold Miner.

“Raising his fevered body above the bulwark he perceived New Zealand for the first time; espying a verdant land cloaked in a shroud of misty cloud, the most wonderful shade of green he had ever seen.....”

“There was a large crashing sound and the bark lurched to starboard.  Immediately finding his feet he rushed across the deck to gaze into the gloom but for just a brief instance there appeared a large shadow beneath the surface, or was it only a trick of light.”

 “Diamanti is a youth verging on ninety and has had a career such as is rarely heard of outside the covers of the average penny horrible........”

(Auckland Observer 1907)