Highways, Byways and Detours

The story of Broadbridge Transport Ltd


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Broadbridge Transport Ltd has been a part of Marlborough for over 70 years. The distinctive red of the trucks is as familiar today as it was back in 1946 when Cyril Broadbridge decided running a carrying business would suit him better than being a farmer. 
The Wairau Valley provides the backdrop to this story with the Broadbridge family establishing itself in the Staircase area of Top Valley in the late 1800s. From here a network of family ties extends across the generations, through good times and bad.    
This is a story about a family as well as a business. It’s about hard-working parents, a happy childhood and the next generation riding the highs and lows of running a business in an increasingly complex world. It is also about hope for the future. 
Deborah Walton-Derry specialises in writing family and company histories. Based in Marlborough her writing career spans almost 40 years and has included advertising, feature, wine and speech writing. This is her fifth book.