Adrift - Drifter Vol 3

Somehow he seems to possess that uncanny knack of being able to place the myriad of colours within his personality on the page – both the shadows and the twinkles, the mark of a true poet. - Dr. Fran Brinn. 162 pages


$35.00 NZD

I’ve been on our side
And I’ve been on theirs
And I’ve been lost in no man’s land
I wouldn’t mind if you were there
Cause I’ve never been much of a one man band
I try hard to listen
When you have something to say
But my mind can be guilty of driftin’, away
Driftin’, out to no man’s land
I guess that’s where we would really be free
Some place unowned by man
Some place with room for me
All I’m lookin’ for now
Is just a wee bit of space
Maybe a view of an estuary
And maybe a view of your face
Somewhere not cold
Where it’s ok to get old
And roam through the thoughts in your head
Some comfortable place
That won’t object to my face
Where I can search for the words unsaid
And me and my pen
Go on adventure again
Way out in no man’s land
    Where thinking’s still free
        And it’s ok to be me
Somewhere in no man’s land