Dog Harbour

When Kenny Doyal is stripped of his emotional and physical security his fear and anger generate within him a dream that propels him on a journey from rugged Connemara to the wilds of West Coast New Zealand.


$30.00 NZD

Against the backdrop of the 1930s, hard work, gambling, risk taking and luck lead Kenny into a series of ventures on the formidable Punakaiki coast. Contracting a gang of imaginative and incorrigible characters, he attempts a daring enterprise. But Kenny’s biggest challenge comes from Meara Bodle with whom he has fallen in love.
Further journeys, shifts in emotional and philosophical positions, and World War II intercede. These changes redefine Kenny’s ambition. And Meara, artful and hopeful, and as determined as ever, develops a new plan.  And she gets on her bicycle.