An Affair of the Hart - A Stalkers Perspective (Hard Cover)

This hard cover version of the book, based as it is on the authors hunting life, will hopefully inspire a younger generation of hunters and provoke in older more experienced ones, fond memories and a greater appreciation of our natural world, beyond the hustle and bustle of urban life.


$55.00 NZD

While his outlook on life has changed over the years, his interest in hunting, photography and our natural environment has never lessened. The decimation of our game herds by commercial interests has brought with it a promise of a better future for our forests and alpine tussock-lands and the game animals that thrive within it.

Robin's interest in photography and the cameras to capture these vibrant images has been with him since he began hunting large game. While the passage of time may dull the memory, a photographic record will always remain to jog the mind.

“An Affair of the Hart” makes generous use of his photographic archive to provide visual relief to a detailed record of my hunting experiences. Robin hopes the result is more absorbing than a ‘coffee table’ book, and less dry than a wordy tome on hunting.

We hope you enjoy this result of my hunting life and may we all have good weather to shine on our wanderings.