A Horse in My Kitchen

"If we must move to town we're taking the farm with us!""We can't!""We can!" This is the book that tells how this was accomplished (on more than one occasion).


$25.00 NZD

Not just another pets/livestock/horticultural manual, it gives clear, simple meaning to terms such as: 'recycling', 'self sufficiency', and 'prime usage of every square metre'. In this book the author shares a lifetime of experience and experiences. Animal husbandry; the value and uses of a variety of pets; veterinary diagnoses and remedies; horticulture and landscaping; tried and tested methods for growing food, rearing food, hatching food . . . It's all about 'survival without cost' and much more.  
This book may inspire you to roll in warm soil; canter a horse along a beach;  frolic with a pet piglet or clean out your henhouse and watch your hens scuffle and settle in the clean fresh straw. The author's intention was to write a serious and informative book. She soon found that attempting to omit the hilarious and sometimes embarrassing stories which she recalled along the way was rather like trying to repress an outburst of laughter when the teacher turns to write on the blackboard with her dress caught up in her knickers!